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Principal Author: David Atkins, Watershed Environmental

Contributing Author: Elizabeth Mensah (Advisory Specialist, CAO)

Peer Reviewers: Scott Adams (Dispute Resolution Specialist, CAO), Shaza Zeinelabdin (Senior Social Development Specialist, IFC), Diana Baird (Principal Social Development Specialist, IFC), Sofie Fleischer Michaelsen (Senior Social Development Specialist, IFC), Reidar Kvam (Lead Social Development Specialist, IBRD), Debra Sequeira (Principal Social Development Specialist, IFC), Justin Pooley (Principal Environmental Specialist, IFC), Susan Wildau (Partner, CDR Associates)

CAO Contributors: Osvaldo Gratacós, Gina Barbieri, Julia Gallu, Emily Horgan, Monika Noniewicz, Andrea Repetto-Vargas, Susana Rodriguez, Carissa Western

Editor: Amy Sweeting

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